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The professional platform to manage and benefit from e-Learning
your organization from computers, tablets and smartphones.
Create and edit the content of their courses in a quick, simple
and according to the SCORM standard, making them accessible to everyone...
Benefit from any device, in freedom, ease and complete autonomy,
all courses required in your organization.

E-learning platform SCORM™: DynDevice LCMS and LMS

Based on the framework DynDevice ECM, DynDevice LCMS e-learning platform is available for creating and deploying e-Learning content, delivered in SAAS or installed on a owned server.

DynDevice LCMS version 2.0, released at the beginning of 2013, is also equipped with features that allow to manage classroom courses (organization of sessions, attendance log generation, records generation, management of lea ers in attendance, information management, logistics, etc.).

DynDevice LCMS is equipped with API (application programming interfaces) that are useful to fully integrate it into third-party software (ERP, CRM or e-commerce sites).

DynDevice LCMS allows to create and manage digital content, starting from existing resources or by pulling them out of blocks of different and unrelated information, to create courses and training programs supporting educational goals.

DynDevice LCMS is an innovative platform that allows to control the entire life cycle of production and the delivery of e-learning courses, in particular:
  • The design and creation of educational content through SCORM™ editor
  • The provision of training to the end users, the complete tracking of activities and issuance of certificates
  • The administration and management of users on the platform of e-Learning
  • Selling through CourStore ™ its e-Learning courses made with the editor, then logging in to a potential resale network composed of hundreds of e-Learning platforms
It also enables the complete organization of classroom courses, divided into several sessions and integrated with e-Learning modules, in particular:
  • The management of offices and classrooms
  • The management of classroom sessions
  • The generation of documentation of classroom sessions (attendance register, minutes to the lea er, etc.);
  • The management of logistics information, invitations and reminders.
Finally, DynDevice LCMS allows to create and deliver training content (completely tailored to the specific training needs of the company) compliant with W3C standards, accessible and usable by mobile devices (as indeed are all masks of the control panel DynDevice LCMS).

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Dyndevice LCMS available in English


The e-learning platform DynDevice LCMS is available in English: user interface of control panel, manuals, instructions for every functionality of the platform have been translated for the professional user. [Read all...]
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